The fine talents of Lucy Ward (2012 Horizon Award Winner at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards) and Cupola combine to form this vibrant new collaboration of music and song to thrill folk club and festival audiences alike.

Cupola’s fine instrumental arrangements and vocal harmonies provide the perfect backdrop for Lucy’s songs and strong delivery – watch out for this dynamic quartet!!

“Cupola:Ward went down a storm at Gower folk Festival – Their brilliant musicianship , beautiful close harmonies and total love of what they do made for a superb set and with the addition of the totally stunning Ms Ward you can’t get better!”
Joy Toole – Artistic Director Gower Folk Festival

…..and just look what happens when these four get together…. check out this video and many others on YouTube:

CDs available from

(Photo by Elly Lucas)

One thought on “Cupola:Ward

  1. […] Cupola:Ward had it’s first gig. Tis proper exciting to be part of band, especially cos I almost always play solo! And even more especially because Cupola are all so flipping talented, I just get to prance around pretending I’m Mick Jagger or Iggy Pop :p […]

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