10639559_10152344328477379_5803302358571558040_n (2)
(Photo by Trina Mckendrick)

Oli Matthews, Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews are joined here by Andy Cooper on Bass Guitar and Ian Wilson on Mandola.

(Photo by Elly Lucas)

DanceCupola at Warwick Festival 2012:

“It’s been such a long time since I saw a band that excited me so much – it totally blew me away – I can’t wait to call with them!”           Nick Walden

Performing at Towersey Festival 2012 with Pete Rees calling:

…..and at Sidmouth Finale LNE 2013:

What a joy! Solid rhythms from the back line of bass and mandola underpin the distinct and exciting music from 3 supreme melody musicians.  The combination gives you DanceCupola.  They are just fabulous to dance to and the subtlety of the arrangements and harmonies make for a truly splendid listening experience as well. Calling with them is sublime and I never want the nights to end.”    Martyn Harvey

CDs available from

Performing at Derby Folk Festival 2011 with Vicky Johnson calling:

Performing at Towersey Festival 2012 with Gordon Potts calling:

Performing at Warwick Festival 2012 with Lisa Heywood calling:

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